About Us

Our t-shirt brand Pando-shop.com is an online store that is dedicated to high-quality and affordable t-shirts. The t-shirts are made from quality materials and are produced in-house by our expert staff.

The idea behind Pando-shop.com is to create a t-shirt brand that is designed and printed in the United States. With the use of a t-shirt printing company, we are able to offer our customers a product that is made in America, not a country with cheap labor and sweatshop labor. We also use American Apparel to print our t shirts.

How is it different from other brands?

Pando-shop.com is the first t-shirt brand to make the effort to print their t-shirts in the United States.

Contact Us:

Phone: +1234567891

Address: 22 Velma Avenue, Greater Manchester, Capulin New Mexico 88414, United States